Rules & Regulations

1. Behavior and Discipline
1.1 Residents are expected to display acceptable forms of behavior within the University Campus and Accommodation Complex at all times.
1.2 Smoking and consumption of tobaccos based products are strictly prohibited in the Accommodation Complex, including the staircase and all other non-smoking areas at any time.
1.3 Consumption and storage of alcoholic drinks or any form of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited in the Accommodation Complex or anywhere within the Accommodation Complex/Compound and University Campus.
1.4 Parties and other social gatherings in or around the Accommodation Complex are not permitted but written request for permission can be obtained from the Housing Services.
1.5 It is the responsibility of the Residents to keep the Housing Office informed in writing if they intend to stay away from the Accommodation Complex over a period of 3 days during a teaching week.  Their Parents/Guardians must be informed of Leave of Absence.
1.6 Noise level must be kept down to allow others the opportunity to study or sleep in comfort. Television, radios and hi- fi volume must be lowered to 3 meters dB by distance during times of study and after 10.00 p.m.
1.7 Any resident found to have broken housing rule(s) is subject to Non Academic Misconduct.  Please refer to Statute 10 for details.


2. Maintenance of Accommodation
2.1 Residents are responsible for keeping their rooms and the common areas of the Accommodation Complex such as the living room/common hall, kitchen and bathrooms/toilets clean and tidy at all times.
2.2 All air-conditions, ceiling fans, lightings, cooker stoves, water heaters and all other electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use. Proper and safe usage of these appliances is the responsibility of each resident.
2.3 Clothes and Laundry should be discretely managed at the specified areas allocated for the Accommodation.
2.4 Residents are not allowed to transfer any furniture from one room to another or from one flat/house to another.
2.5 Residents must cover mattresses with their own single fitted bed-sheets at all time before use (Mattress protectors are encouraged).
2.6 Any damage to property must be reported immediately to the Housing Services. Residents will be charged for negligent damages. The standard defect price/charges list is posted on the notice board of each flat/house.
2.7 Normal wear and tear will be repaired/replaced by the Management.  Residents are required to fill Form I-G Housing Services Request / Complaint Form online and submit to the Housing Office for necessary action to be taken.
2.8 The University Management and its Representative reserve the right to make spot checks on the Accommodation Complex and the bedrooms without prior notice to the residents. Handymen, contractors and cleaners may enter rooms as and when necessary in the course of their duty at the discretion of the Housing Officer. However, every effort will be made to respect the privacy and dignity of the residents.
2.9 The University Management and its Representative reserve the right to move any resident to other units of the accommodation if there is a necessity.
2.10 The allocation of rooms to the residents will be at the discretion of the University Management and its Representative and students are not permitted to change rooms.
2.11 Residents should refrain from personalizing their rooms by placing markings/stickers of any kind or with their name.
2.12 Surcharge will be imposed if a resident does not leave the Accommodation Complex on a specific date stated in the letter given prior to the Semester break and the key and Resident Card duly handed back.
2.13 The University Management encourages all residents to remove their personal belongings and valuables during the Semester breaks. Residents who decide to leave their personal belongings and valuables behind will do so at their own risk. Curtin University will not be liable for any lost items or damage to their belongings.
2.14 Fix of nails, screws on walls and using double sided tapes are prohibited. Any action applied which defaces rooms/accommodation complex is forbidden.
2.15 The operation of the Accommodation Complex is based strictly on a HALAL (food that is permitted or recognised by Islamic law) environment. Students who wish to bring/eat non-halal food are advised not to do it in the common area.


3. Visitors
3.1 Residents must ensure all visitors, residents and/or staffs are only allowed into the living room or the Common Hall.
3.2 Residents must make sure that all visitors, residents and/or staff to leave the Accommodation Complex before 10 p.m.
3.3 Residents must not allow visitors, residents and/or staff to stay overnight in the Accommodation Complex.
3.4 Residents are not permitted to allow visitors, residents and/or staff into their bedrooms at any time for any reason.
3.5 Residents are not permitted to leave the visitors unattended at the Accommodations Living Room area or the Common Hall.
3.6 Any resident found to have broken housing rule(s) is subject to Non Academic Misconduct.  Please refer to Statute 10 for details.


4. Rental
4.1 Residents are required to pay the whole Semester rental in full before check in i.e.:
4.1.1 Foundation / Degree & Post-graduate 4-6 months rental
4.1.2 Intensive English Program 3 months rental
Rental arrangements are subject to annual review.
Those who fail to pay the whole semester rental in full within the deadline set by the Housing Services will be considered as students seeking off-campus accommodation. Should the student insist on staying on-campus past the set deadline, a reprocessing fee of MYR 50.00  will be charged. Rental will be refunded on pro-rata basis if:
4.1.4 Status is terminated by Curtin University
4.1.5 Withdrawal with medical or compassionate reasons
4.1.6 Resident is evicted due to non-academic disciplinary action
Rental will be forfeited if:
4.1.7 Resident fails to stay for ONE Semester/Term
4.1.8 Withdrawal
4.1.9 No Show
4.2 No students – new and current – are allowed to check-in into the University’s accommodation without payment.
4.3 Rental is inclusive of electricity and water charges to the following indicated maximum consumption. Any excess will be borne by residents on a pro-rata basis.
4.3.1 Lakeside Apartment I & II : MYR 50 per resident per month
4.3.2 Curtin Water II : MYR 50 per resident per month
4.3.3 Curtin Villa : MYR 37.50 per resident per month
4.4 A sum of MYR 200.00 will be deducted from the student’s rental payment for accommodation cancellation.
4.5 A two (2) months rental deposit will be collected and will only be refunded at the end of Tenancy Agreement, after deducting the cost of any lost and negligent damage(s).
4.6 The deposit will only be refunded after the Accommodation Complex has been vacated; the keys and Resident Card returned, and all other outstanding fees due to the University have been cleared. Residents are reminded that if any fixtures or assets are found missing or damaged due to negligence, charges for replacement or repair will be deducted from the deposit.
4.7 The keys and Resident card are the property of Curtin University. They are non-transferable and no unauthorised duplication is allowed. Any student found to have violated the above will be subjected to disciplinary action.
4.8 All residents MUST CHECK OUT and VACATE their accommodation on / before tenancy due date during office hours. Resident will be required to return room key, remove personal belongings from the room and ensure that room is thoroughly cleaned and ready for final room inspection. Failure to do so will result in FULL rental being charged during your absence.


5. Changing of Rooms
5.1 Changing of rooms is not permitted without prior approval.
5.2 Changing of rooms is only allowed when semester ends, within the deadline set by Housing Office.
5.3 A charge of MYR 5o will be imposed for any changing of rooms after the deadline.


6. Ending of Tenancy
6.1 The Management reserves the right to end Tenancy at any time if residents fail to comply with the Regulations as stipulated earlier.


7. Security
7.1 Residents are required to carry their Resident Cards at all times in the Accommodation Complex/Compound and when visiting other residents in their Accommodation Complex.
7.2 Residents are advised to lock all external doors at all times for security reasons. Curtin University is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF PRIVATE PROPERTY. You are strongly advised to LOCK all your valuables e.g. hand-phones, computers, watches, jewelry and money at all time.
7.3 Any resident, who finds his /her roommate or housemate missing for more than 24 hours, must report to the Housing Services unless the Resident concerned has made verbal indication of his/her intended absence. This is to enable the Housing Services to take immediate action should any unforeseen incident occurs.
7.4 The Security Guards have the right to do inspection at any time following instruction from Housing Services.
7.5 Residents are required to produce/show Student ID to the Security when entering and leaving the University Accommodation.
7.6 Vehicle access is restricted on Curtin Villa/Water I & II premises. Prior notification is needed and security will allow your vehicle access for a short time to drop off your belongings.


8. Pets
8.1 Feeding of stray animals and possession of pets are not allowed in the Accommodation Complex.


9. Emergency
9.1 In case of emergency outside office hours, please contact Security Hotline 085-443930/ 443999.


10. Unifi/ Streamyx/ Astro Installation
10.1 Residents are not allowed to install without prior approval in writing by Housing Office. The permission must be applied by filing Form I-K Astro / TM Installation Form.


11. Extra Charges
11.1 Non-refundable Structure Damage Charges MYR  200.00 will be imposed upon installation of any Astro/TM.
11.2 MYR 10.00 charge applicable for every fourth request within a semester to assist with opening locked unit / room door at Accommodation Complex.
11.3 A parking fee per car is applicable to:

Parking Charges Monthly Rate
Lakeside Apartment 1 & 2
Curtin Villa MYR 25
Curtin Water 2 MYR 20


12. Lakeside residents must obliged and adhere to Curtin ICT rule


13. Extra facilities subject to approval by Housing Office. All non-approved facilities are subject to removal/confiscation.


14. Revision of Rules and Regulations
14.1 Housing Services reserves the right to revise the Rules & Regulations from time to time. Please refer housing website for update.


15. Residents found breaking any rules are liable to be evicted from the Accommodation Complex within 24 hours and/or face disciplinary action. Remaining rental (if any) will be refunded and deposit will be refunded less any loss and negligent damages to the premises.

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