Monthly Gym Membership Validity Period

Please be informed that the Monthly Gym Membership Validity Period has been amended effective 25 February 2016 (Thursday). Following this, all monthly gym memberships will start on the first week and end on the final week of the month. Those who make payment after the first week of the month will be required to extend their membership period until the following month (please refer to the table below).

First Week (1-7) Second Week (8-14) Third Week (15-21) Fourth Week (22-End of Month)
Full Monthly Rate     RM31.80 3 weeks additional + 1 month 2 Weeks additional + 1 month 1 Week additional + month
Rm23.85 + Rm31.80 = Rm55.65 Rm15.90 + Rm31.80 = Rm47.70 Rm7.95 + Rm31.80 = Rm39.75

Please note that the table above is only valid until 29 April 2016.

Commencing 1 May 2016, the expiry date for all monthly gym memberships is on the last day of the month and should be renewed before the 1st of the following month.

Note: Weekly rate is still applicable.

Thank you for your attention.



Sport and Recreation Officer | Sport and Recreation Services

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